Photography is not something I produce, it's something that produces a change both in myself and my clients. The camera lens captures what the human eye leaves behind. I consider myself nothing less than a chronicler of the human condition, for better or worse. When you see my photos, I think you'll agree.

Reflections Photography

I got my start in the world of photography at the age of 14. Following in my father's footsteps, I watched how he would take a simple posed shot and turn it into a lifelong memory. My big introduction to this art was as his "bag carrier". I would pass him each roll of 35mm film, hold the extra camera's and make sure he had a fresh set of batteries at all times. By the time I was 16, he was confident with my passion of photography, and started teaching me everything he knew. Over the years and as technology changed, I have changed with it. After numerous courses and 1000's of hours behind the lens of my own camera, photography has become my passion. With my wife and assistant Stephanie by my side, we compliment each other in ways that are incomprehensible. We understand each other's strength's and weaknesses and use that to create beautiful art.        

My philosophy is simple:  Never rest on your laurels. I know that my reputation is only as good as my last shoot. I excel at the fine art of handling even the most difficult of models. On location, I'm in total control and my imagination takes flight.